Webinar | Digital Devices in Pediatrics

Discover the Transformative Reimbursement Pathways in Pediatric Healthcare through Our Engaging Webinar. Learn about the key aspects, benefits, and processes for achieving reimbursement for innovative healthcare solutions.

6 Insights on “PECAN” by Vincent Erdmann

In “6 Insights on PECAN” our PECAN expert Vincent Erdmann answers the most relevant questions of the PECAN process in France.

7 Insights on DiGA by Alexander Voigt

In “7 Insights on DiGA”, our DiGA expert Alexander Voigt provides answers to the most relevant questions about DiGA.

DiGA in Pharma: Everything You Need To Know Now.

In an extensive article in PM-Report, Germany’s most significant pharma magazine, Digital Oxygen’s experts provide a 360° overview of DiGA in the context of pharma.

DiGA Iceberg: The unknown number of DiGA prescriptions

One aspect of DiGA is frequently left out in recent reports: The unknown number of DiGA prescriptions – the part of the DiGA iceberg that is not visible.

DiGA Canvas

The DiGA Canvas is a comprehensive tool to assess the crucial questions, challenges, and requirements for your DiGA.

Pharma and the 4D – Opportunity or Threat?

In this article, Torsten Christann comments on the importance, opportunities, and downsides of data for the pharma industry’s future business models.

DiGA Partnerships: Start-ups Meet Corporates

There is a trend of DiGA start-ups looking for corporate partners and vice versa. But why?

Self-Measurement as Opportunity for Real-World-Evidence in Market Access

Sensors, wearables, apps: Torsten Christann comments on the opportunities of self-measurement for the generation of Real-World-Evidence in Market Access processes.

Apps On Prescription and Big Pharma: A Beneficial Combination?

In this article, Torsten Christann addresses the question whether pharma corporations should add DiGA to their portfolio or no.