6 Insights on “PECAN” by Vincent Erdmann

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In “7 Insights on DiGA”, our DiGA expert Alexander Voigt provides answers to the most relevant questions about DiGA.

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DiGA Iceberg: The unknown number of DiGA prescriptions

One aspect of DiGA is frequently left out in recent reports: The unknown number of DiGA prescriptions – the part of the DiGA iceberg that is not visible.

DiGA Canvas 2023

The DiGA Canvas is a comprehensive tool to assess the crucial questions, challenges, and requirements for your DiGA.

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DiGA Partnerships: Start-ups Meet Corporates

There is a trend of DiGA start-ups looking for corporate partners and vice versa. But why?

Self-Measurement as Opportunity for Real-World-Evidence in Market Access

Sensors, wearables, apps: Torsten Christann comments on the opportunities of self-measurement for the generation of Real-World-Evidence in Market Access processes.

Apps On Prescription and Big Pharma: A Beneficial Combination?

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Enduring DiGA Success: Reaching Patients After Market Access

At WIG2 Digital Health Conference, Healthcare Expert Alexander Voigt talked about what matters after the regulatory market access: Reaching patients.