6 Insights on “PECAN” by Vincent Erdmann

In “6 Insights on PECAN” our PECAN expert Vincent Erdmann answers the most relevant questions of the PECAN process in France.

9 Insights on Sales Force Performance Boost

In “9 Insights on Sales Force Performance Boost”, our partner Torsten Christann answers the most relevant questions about the Sales Boost and its benefits for companies.

8 Insights on Prequalification

In “8 Insights on Prequalification”, our expert Dr. Sigrid Bender answers the most relevant questions about the prequalification process.

Insights on DiGA Fast Track and the Future of Digital Health

In a recent interview, Alexander Voigt discussed the success of Germany’s DiGA Fast Track program, the challenges faced by digital care applications, and the future of digital health in Germany.

DiPA in a Nutshell

Great news for Digital Health in Germany: After DiGA, Digital Care Applications (=DiPA) are now also coming into the care sector.

PECAN – The French DiGA Fast-Track

With our expertise in DiGA approval and our international network, we support our customers in all issues related to the PECAN process.

6G and Digital Health

There are high hopes that 6G will revolutionize digital health. Axel Meiling provides insights why 6G per se won’t be the solution – and what the actual blockers for digital health are.

Healthcare Equality – Panel Talk at Med-Tech-World

At the panel discussion at this year’s Med-Tech World in Malta, the question was discussed: Does digitalization succeed in creating health equality?

DiPA Canvas 2023

With the DiPA Canvas, Digital Oxygen provides a straight-forward tool for the self-assessment of essential questions for any DiPA manufacturer.