Whitepaper: Digital Health Applications (DiGA) in Portugal

The whitepaper “Digital Health Applications (DiGA) in Portugal,” explores the necessity and current status of implementing a DiGA framework in Portugal, offering expert insights and strategic recommendations for enhancing healthcare through digital solutions.

Webinar | Digital Devices in Pediatrics

Discover the Transformative Reimbursement Pathways in Pediatric Healthcare through Our Engaging Webinar. Learn about the key aspects, benefits, and processes for achieving reimbursement for innovative healthcare solutions.

New Levers in Pharmaceutical Field Force

The sales force is and remains an essential sales driver for pharmaceutical companies. But not just since the coronavirus has it become clear that the traditional sales force is in urgent need of an update.

Whitepaper: HCP Engagement

The Whitepaper “Enhancing HCP Engagement in Germany” showcases the evolving landscape of HCP engagement, explaining the shift from traditional face-to-face interaction to dynamic digital strategies.

DiGA Webinar | DiGA Overview and Lessons Learned

Discover the transformative DiGA fast-track in digital health through our engaging webinar. Learn about its impact, benefits, and the process for digital solutions certification.

5 Insights on “Artificial Intelligence” by Tobias Woldrich

In “5 Insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI),” Tobias Woldrich answers the most relevant questions about Artificial Intelligence and its potential within companies.

6 Insights on “PECAN” by Vincent Erdmann

In “6 Insights on PECAN” our PECAN expert Vincent Erdmann answers the most relevant questions of the PECAN process in France.

9 Insights on Sales Force Performance Boost

In “9 Insights on Sales Force Performance Boost”, our partner Torsten Christann answers the most relevant questions about the Sales Boost and its benefits for companies.

8 Insights on Prequalification

In “8 Insights on Prequalification”, our expert Dr. Sigrid Bender answers the most relevant questions about the prequalification process.

DiPA in a Nutshell

Great news for Digital Health in Germany: After DiGA, Digital Care Applications (=DiPA) are now also coming into the care sector.