9 Insights on Sales Force Performance Boost

01: Torsten Christann is a Managing Partner at Digital Oxygen and is responsible for the Sales Force Performance Boost. What exactly does “Sales Force Performance Boost” mean?

Torsten Christann: The Sales Force Performance Boost we developed is an approach to quickly and purposefully harness the full potential of the sales team in Pharma and Medtech. At the end of the process, all sales staff are equipped with the best sales arguments, problem-solving approaches, and materials.

02: How does this approach differ from previous sales strategies?

Torsten Christann: Our approach combines best practice sharing and customer surveys. First, we collect the best practices existing within the teams by surveying the most successful sales staff. Since this is now done anonymously and by third parties, we experience greater openness in sharing them and, at the same time, higher team acceptance in adopting them. Before we share the best practices with the team, however, we test their relevance and acceptance with customers. This way, we avoid rolling out regionally relevant or isolated solutions that don’t bring the desired market success. By the way, by surveying prescribers, we often gain new insights into current challenges or support needs when prescribing products. The best practices are then rolled out in a Sales Force Playbook. This playbook serves to share the newly gained knowledge about customers and the relevant best practices as quickly as possible throughout the team.

03: What does the Sales Force Playbook contain?

Torsten Christann: The playbook is a central element of our approach. It contains new insights from the market, the relevant best practices, and implementation strategies tailored specifically to the needs of the respective customer group. It serves as a guide for the entire sales team to realize growth potentials immediately.

04: How is it ensured that the entire sales team benefits from this playbook?

Torsten Christann: After the playbook is created, we present it in a keynote session for the entire sales team. This ensures that everyone on the team has the same information, tools, and resources to succeed. Each client then decides individually whether we are still there to support them in practicing and deepening in smaller groups or not.

05: How quickly can companies expect results after implementing the Sales Force Performance Boost?

Torsten Christann: The beauty of our approach lies in its speed and efficiency. As we aim to realize growth potentials immediately, companies can typically see positive results within a short time after implementation.

06: Which industries benefit the most from this approach?

Torsten Christann: Although our focus is on Pharma and Medtech companies, I believe any sector with a sales force can benefit from this approach. It’s about identifying, validating, and then sharing best practices to get the most out of your sales team.

07: How does Digital Oxygen support companies after implementing the Sales Force Performance Boost?

Torsten Christann: Our support doesn’t end with implementation. We continuously stand by our clients, offering consultation and assistance, and adapt the approach as needed to ensure they continue to achieve optimal results.

08: What are the biggest challenges sales teams face today, and how does the Sales Force Performance Boost address them?

Torsten Christann: Sales teams face many challenges today, from changing market conditions and customer requirements to new technologies. The Sales Force Performance Boost addresses these challenges by providing a fact-driven, focused, and flexible framework that adapts to ever-changing needs.

09: What would you advise companies looking to improve their sales performance?

Torsten Christann: My advice would be to be open to change and always be ready to learn and adapt. Use information, data, and insights to make informed decisions, and don’t hesitate to ask experts like Digital Oxygen for help.

More information about the Sales Force Performance Boost here. 

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