Whitepaper: Digital Health Applications (DiGA) in Portugal

Explore the transformative potential of Digital Health Applications (DiGA) within the Portuguese healthcare system through the in-depth whitepaper, “Digital Health Applications (DiGA) in Portugal.” This whitepaper, prepared by LabToMarket at the request of EIT Health Innostars, delves into the current status and necessity of implementing a DiGA framework in Portugal.

Key Highlights:

  • In-depth Analysis: Discover detailed insights into the Portuguese digital health ecosystem and reimbursement mechanisms, provided by a panel of experts.
  • Expert Contributions: Benefit from the collective knowledge of healthcare leaders, economists, and innovation managers who have shaped this whitepaper.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Obtain valuable recommendations for the effective implementation of a DiGA framework, aimed at enhancing healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in Portugal.

Understand the significance of a DiGA framework in Portugal and how it can revolutionize healthcare through innovative digital solutions. Request your copy of the whitepaper today to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of digital health.

Learn more about the need and readiness for a Portuguese DiGA framework and download your copy of the whitepaper here.


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