DiGAs in Pharma: Everything You Need to Know Now.

A 360° Overview of DiGAs in the Context of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

With DiGAs (Digital Health Applications, German “Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen”), or “Apps on prescription”, the German healthcare system offers a worldwide unique opportunity for digital therapy support.

But what are DiGAs actually – and what are they not? Furthermore: Do they matter for the pharmaceutical industry? In this 10-page deep dive in PM-Report, the most significant German pharmaceutical magazine, our experts provide a comprehensive introduction to the topic of DiGA in the pharma context: From DiGA basics and the regulatory process, to strategic considerations for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • What Is a DiGA – and What Is Not?
  • DiGA Market Overview
  • The DiGA Fast-Track Process
  • DiGA Prices
  • Challenges at the Point of Care
  • Challenges on the User Side
  • DiGA and Pharma: Opportunities
  • The Path to a Pharma-DiGA
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This article was published in the 04/2023 print issue of PM-Report.
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Torsten Christann
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Tobias Woldrich
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