Advanced Diabetes Technology Landscape 2023

Who Is Shaping the Future of Diabetes Care?

With the Advanced Diabetes Technology Landscape 2023, Digital Oxygen is once again publishing its extensive overview of companies shaping the future of Advanced Diabetes Care. In comparison to last year: It is getting crowded.

With more than 200 companies, the Landscape provides a structured overview of the technology companies in the field of Advanced Diabetes Care. The Landscape clusters the market in 15 categories, including the manufacturers of insulin pumps, CGM systems, patient and HCP focused apps, and AID software. For the first time, this year’s Landscape covers manufacturers of DiGAs (Digital Health Applications, reimbursed in the German market) and technology providers for the areas of ophthalmology and DFS (Diabetic Foot Syndrome).

Some insights from the Advanced Diabetes Technology Landscape 2023:

  1. AID is the new standard: Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) enables the automated insulin delivery in insulin pumps. As projected, the technology has gained traction and can be considered the new standard in pump-supported diabetes therapy.
  2. Non-invasive measurement: While forecasts keep postponing a launch of an Apple Watch with non-invasive blood glucose measurement, a vast number of other companies is working on non-invasive measurement solutions. The Landscape shows a significant growth compared to last year in this section – although none of the products has been launched yet.
  3. It is getting crowded: A comparison with the 2022 Landscape shows quite some activity in the market: Not only the segment of non-invasive measurement is growing: All user-facing app categories are seeing significant growth – and with DiGAs, an entirely new category has been added.

“Patients will welcome this variety of new products supporting their daily diabetes treatment. For doctors’ offices, it will be a challenge, though: From providing the right recommendations to the necessary training of their patients.”, states Torsten Christann, Managing Partner at Digital Oxygen.

The Market for Advanced Diabetes Technology

The Landscape groups more than 200 companies in 15 categories:

  • Pumps
    • Traditional Insulin Pumps
    • Patch Pumps
    • Tubeless Pumps
  • Smart Pens
  • Advanced Blood Glucose Measurement
    • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
    • Implantable CGM
    • Non-Invasive Measurement
  • Apps and Software
    • AID Software (Automated Insulin Delivery)
    • Point-of-Care-Software
    • Diary and Titration Apps
    • Dietary and Lifestyle Apps
    • Patient and Therapy Support Apps
    • DiGA (Digital Health Applications)
  • New in the 2023 Landscape: Technology providers in the fields of
    • Ophthalmology
    • Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS)

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