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    It’s not done yet. The TV industry has just started to feel the digital transformation.

You See More, More, and More

More content on more devices for anytime and anywhere consumption. More competitors developing technology and content for a global market. At the same time, you see less, less and less revenues for your traditional business. Unfortunately, your subscription model is not sustainable and is being challenged by these new offers.

Will you be able to monetize your business in the future? Do you provide the right offer on the right device? Are you able to manage your customer relationship in a multi-vendor and service environment?

We Know How

We were involved in the development from the first IP-based TV platform to the latest multi-device and multi-screen service. We have seen the evolution of business models. We have learned that you can’t change fundamental trends and behaviours. You can only embrace them. And there is no easy technological fix. You have to be an expert to create a user experience which is fun on all devices.

When others leave, we’re just getting started.