• IoT - Internet of Things

    Hype, buzzword, or billion dollar chance? The latter, if you connect the right dots.

Your Business Is Ready for IoT

But you are overwhelmed by forecasts, market players, standards, technologies, solutions, and acronyms. The IoT market is highly fragmented. To say the least, there’s a lot of uncertainty.

To be honest: It’s chaos.

Moreover, use cases are hard to prove with just surveys and questionnaires. Your customers have to experience new ideas, e.g. through prototypes. 

Are you able to make the rights decisions? Are you convinced your investment won’t be lost in the next quarter? Are you ready to modify your prototypes within days?

We Bring Order to a Chaotic Industry

Our team has more than a decade of IoT experience, a profound business and technology understanding, a broad partner network, and extensive IoT project experience. If you’re looking for a structured approach to IoT, we are here.

We refine your business model by thoroughly challenging it to the core. We help you defining the right solution by applying our experience and engaging our partner network. We use design thinking and rapid prototyping to get your idea as quickly as possible to your customers and to get feedback.

When others leave, we’re just getting started.