• We Believe In Creating Happiness

    Working at Digital Oxygen

Our Belief

We are looking for teamplayers. Collaboration with our colleagues and clients is key to achieve great results. And we are convinced that a diverse team can do this better and faster – which is why we are striving for diversity in terms of gender, age, personality, and cultural background. Teamplay doesn‘t mean that we are making every tiny step collectively. It simply means that together we try to make Digital Oxygen a happy and the best place to work – for everyone involved.

We are striving to make our team and our customers happy. But as we are all just humans, we will fail occasionally. That‘s why we need a critical team and customers who consider themselves partners. Who are willing to challenge us and are open to be challenged.

We love to create something new, we love actually doing stuff instead of talking about it: Creating new digital products, coming up with amazing, valuable digital business models, or improving a previously frustrating user experience. And we aim at creating a happy workplace. That’s why we are looking for people and partners who want to actively shape our company culture with us. If it‘s by sharing your experience, introducing new technologies, improving our processes or – the most appreciated one – by constructively speaking your mind.

We think that there is one single best motivation at workBeing happy. Everything just works better without frustration – for you, for us, our customers, and partners. We are aware that we can’t make everybody happy, because happiness is quite individual. But we are strongly commited to make everybody happy who shares our principles and joins us on our journey.

Our Principles

We founded Digital Oxygen because we wanted to change the way we work. To be happy again and continue working in consulting, we needed consulting to work better – for us, our team, our customers, and partners.

Employees First

We strongly believe that if you are happy, our customers will be as well. That’s why we put you first.

And that’s why our most important goal is to make sure our team can thrive and develop beyond their own expectations. By working on interesting, challenging, and creative projects. And by providing the guidance and support they need to succeed. It’s just so much more fun if you master your job.

Public by Default

Intransparent communication is just the biggest waste of time: You keep updating others about things they could have read themselves. You constantly filter what you say because you are not sure who’s supposed to know what.

Instead, we at Digital Oxygen work “public by default”: It means on the one side transparent and open communication of decisions, company numbers, salaries, and learnings within the company. But it primarily means trusting and enabling everyone to learn and contribute.

Too Big Would Fail

We love scaling businesses, but there’s a reasonable limit to which size we want to grow Digital Oxygen: We would like everyone on the team to know each other personally. That enables us to learn more and better from each other and spend more time on developing the individual team member.

No Bullshit (Or Acronyms)

You can’t scale a business just by dropping three-letter-acronyms (“ARPU” is fine though). We like to get our hands dirty and actually work with our customers to solve real world problems. We know our areas of expertise and we are humble enough to say so if we have no clue.

Freedom and Responsibility

We are trying hard to give every team member the chance to discover and extend their potential. From the very first day, you will experience a high degree of freedom – accompanied by a lot of responsibility: We believe that there’s no one right way to approach problems. Be creative and be open to try new things. Be smart and always thrive for improvements which require less effort. Take responsibility for failure, celebrate your success and share your learnings.

Profit Sharing – More than a “Well Done”

Digital Oxygen is one team. So we scrapped individual performance bonuses, as they are just a waste of time and usually create awkward discussions.

Instead, we share the company’s annual profit amongst all team members. As simple and transparent as it can be. Profit sharing also means that we are including you in every major strategic and business decision which could influence the company’s profit.

  • Job Openings at Digital Oxygen

    We’d love to have you onboard – let’s see if we match.

Internship or Working Student

You are still studying and want to find out if consulting could be the right field for you? Then join us as a fully integrated working student or intern and gain first-hand consulting experience.


You have successfully graduated and your initial consulting experience got you hooked? If you are passionate about digital products, we would love to get to know you.

Senior Consultant

You have a few years of consulting, corporate, or start-up experience? Join us as a Senior Consultant or Project Manager, lead motivated teams and work in an employee-first, hands-on company culture.

Our Application Process

  • Today

    Your Application

  • One Week

    Invitation to Phone Interview

    We’ll have a look at your application and get back to you within one week. If we think we could be a match, we would love to have a first chat with you on the phone, via Skype or whatever works best for you.

  • ASAP

    Phone Interview

    The first phone interview is our chance to get to know each other. We are curious about your motivation to work with Digital Oxygen and want to give you the opportunity to ask your questions.

  • One Week

    Invitation to Application Day

    If we’re both positively excited after our first contact, we’ll invite you to an application day at our Munich office. Of course we will cover your travel costs.

  • ASAP

    Application Day

    During your application day, there will be a standardized test, a short presentation on a topic of your choice, and two interviews with case studies. Of course, there will be plenty of time to discuss all your questions and have a coffee with your future colleagues.

  • One Week


    Within one week after the application day, we’ll get back to you with a decision and hopefully an offer that you can’t refuse.

Axel Meiling is your contact for all hiring questions.

Axel Meiling | Partner
Email:    recruiting@diox.de
Phone:  +49 89 / 21 55 21 84